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A dental implant is a very popular and permanent way to improve not just your smile, but the stability and function of your mouth.  If you have missing teeth or already have removable dentures, implants can offer you a way to maintain a stable, strong, and long-lasting smile. #smilewithconfidence

The implant is made of titanium, a metal that will be infused with your jaw bone.  If the teeth are missing, this will cause the jaw bone to weaken.  This then diminishes your ability to chew and it also will change the form of your face and smile.  If you find yourself struggling to chew your favorite foods, or you are embarrassed by your appearance, an implant will be your best smile-saver! Dental Implants San Tan Valley AZ

How It Works

An implant is an anchor that is surgically placed.  Titanium, along with a few other materials make up this anchor.  It is completely safe to the body.  Your jaw bone will grow and join together to support the implant.  It takes anywhere from three to six months for the implant to be ready for the permanent tooth replacement. Dental Implants San Tan Valley AZ

Losing a single tooth is a reason to consider an implant, but even total tooth loss can be restored with implants.  There are three basic steps for implant placement:

  1.  Have an implant surgically placed by a qualified dental professional.
  2.  Proper healing time; allows bone to grow around the implant. #martindental
  3.  Placing the artificial tooth or teeth on implant

In most cases, the bone needs to be totally integrated before a permanent restoration can be installed.  There are rare cases where an implant can be “loaded” with a restoration immediately after surgery.  If more time is needed to heal, your dentist can fabricate a temporary replacement until the final restoration is placed.  Dental Implants San Tan Valley AZ


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