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Bad Breath and Food


Having bad breath can be a huge issue for some, but it doesn’t have to be a problem.  There are so many ways to fight bad breath and still enjoy all the foods you love.  Below are some foods that can cause bad breath, but also some tips to help control or prevent it from affecting your overall oral hygiene. #martindental

Garlic, Onions and Spicy Foods

Ummmm……can someone say delicious?  Yes indeed!  Absolutely delicious, but absolutely stinky!  If you are going out to lunch or dinner, it just takes being proactive about your breath!  Carry a toothbrush and some toothpaste in your car or purse.  Eat all the spicy curry or garlic and onions you want but help make the smell go away by brushing after you eat!  There are so many toothpastes on the market that will leave you with a clean mouth and fresh breath right away!  Some will even keep fighting the germs that lead to the bad breath and help keep that mouth of yours clean for up to 12 hours!  Dentist Queen Creek, AZ

Coffee and Other Drinks

Coffee is a must for most people to get their day going in the right direction.  Have it!  But then after you are done, drink a glass or bottle of water.  Drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages can cause dry mouth.  Dry mouth produces bad breath because the saliva isn’t present enough to wash away the bacteria.  Drink water regularly, especially at meal time. #smilewithconfidence

Tuna and Fish

Eating a tuna sandwich at lunch, for some people, is the perfect lunch.  It’s filling and high in protein, and delicious!  But if a toothbrush isn’t around right after lunch, then make sure some sugar-free gum is!  Chewing gum helps stimulate saliva flow!  Saliva will wash away any food particles that can stick on the teeth.  A great tip for fish lovers is to splash some lemon on vinegar onto the fish before eating.  This helps reduce the “fishy” odor.  Dentist Queen Creek, AZ



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