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Regrettably, if you have lost, broken, chipped, or decayed teeth, they will never grow back. This, unfortunately, leads to problems with eating, talking, and the ability to smile confidently.

Frequently, teeth are missing because the rest of the teeth are shifting and tilted, which leads to some other oral health problems.

A large number of adults feel self-confident or even embarrassed when they are missing teeth.

The absence of teeth leads to unfortunate outcomes, such as bone loss, supporting the face’s general structure.

Here you can learn how your local Chandler, AZ dentist, can help you find your smile with confidence.


Chandler, AZ Dentist Fixes Lost Teeth

However, according to the condition’s seriousness, your best dentist locally, Chandler, AZ, may use various tools to replace lost or decaying teeth to avoid oral health risks.

The family dentist has a range of restorative dental treatments available, which can help restore your natural smile. Examples include crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

The dentist makes crowns that correspond in color and texture to your natural teeth. Once the first tooth has been prepared, it is cemented in place.

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed on the ground down the portion of your tooth. This is how their size, shape, and position are restored.

Tooth crowns are sustainable solutions and function like one of your natural teeth. And if they are artificial, it is still necessary to take care of them because, in contrast to implants, the lower tooth may continue to suffer from caries or pain over time.


Best Dentist Chandler, AZ Uses Bridges for Big Gaps

Bridges are an additional treatment to fill the gaps that are created by the lack of more than one tooth. Such bridges comprise two crowns, in between which there are artificial teeth.

Both crowns are connected to the existing teeth, and artificial teeth are used to fill the gaps. The bridges are cheaper than dental implants, although some intricate work is performed on the natural teeth to anchor points.

As bridges restore your ability to chew and speak properly and maintain the shape of your face, over time, they can damage your natural teeth.

To some extent, this decay will require more work, which a bridge cannot do.

Chandler, AZ Best Dentist Offers Ultimate Solutions

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