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A trip to the dentist can be scary for kids, but it doesn’t have to be that way!  Even if a pediatric dentist is chosen who specializes in treating children’s teeth, you may still have a battle on your hands when it’s time to get his teeth cleaned!  Here is the good news!  There doesn’t have to be a battle every 6 months.  Do a little research and find a fun dentist who can make those regular dental appoints less of a chore and more of a treat! Family Dentist Queen Creek AZ

Things to Look for in a Dentist Office

#martindental For kids, it may be best to stay away from an office that is plain, old, and boring.  You will need fun and exciting things to do in the waiting room.  Look for eye-catching pictures hanging on the walls, bright colors, and entertaining décor.  A child-friendly dentist will have toys, books, and possible some video games.  All of these things help distract your kids and make them more comfortable. Family Dentist Queen Creek AZ

Things to Look for in a Dentist

There are family dentists and pediatric dentists.  As long as they are trained to work on a child’s teeth, you can choose either!  The staff needs to be fun and inviting and able to put your child at ease.  If the tools are scary, maybe ask for them to be brought out after your child is sitting in the chair.  Many dental offices even come up with cute, non-threatening names for the tools: “Mr. Suction” is a great name of the spit collector tube. Family Dentist Queen Creek AZ

Once you have finished your appointment, your child will be open to returning to the dentist if he is given a prize or reward after. #smilewithconfidence Often times children receive stickers or a new toothbrush from their dentist. 

There are just a few tips in selecting a child-friendly dentist! 

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