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Having the best dental hygiene routine does not mean you are exempt from cavities. #smilewithconfidence  There are certain people who are simply more prone to dental caries because of the shape and structure of their teeth, not because they don’t brush often.  If your dentist sees that you or someone in your family is more prone to advanced decay despite proper oral hygiene, dental sealants may be suggested to keep the teeth healthy. 

There are always some concerns and that is completely normal.  How long do they last?  Does it hurt?  Well here is a bit more information about dental sealants. Family Dentist near Me Queen Creek AZ

Dentists will not suggest sealants for all of their patients.  Usually it is recommended for those who are especially prone to cavities like teens and young kids, even those who still have baby teeth.  Sealants will fill the deep pits and grooves of the molars. #martindental The molars are uniquely susceptible to caries because they trap food in the pits of the teeth.  When the bacteria become trapped, it is often a recipe for cavities.  The sealants protect the tooth from caries altogether. 

When the sealants are applied before the decay has started, the sealant will block the area of bacteria and food particles from attaching to the surface of the teeth. Family Dentist near Me Queen Creek AZ

Dental procedures can make anyone nervous, especially if someone isn’t familiar with going to the dentist.  Family Dentist near Me Queen Creek AZ  Dental sealants are painless.  Most are made with a liquid resin, it is brushed onto the teeth and then hardens.  It only takes a few minutes. 

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