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All-on-4 treatment is usually recommended for patients who are needing to replace the majority of their natural teeth.  It is a great alternative for patients with low bone volume who may also not be able to have a bone graft because of health conditions like diabetes or osteoporosis.  Your dentist will first have an appointment to evaluate your dental health.  Advice will be given about treatment options that would best suite your needs. #martindental

This procedure has a high success rate and has no need for bone grafting.  This is an excellent thing considering bone grafting is invasive, uncomfortable and costly.  The procedure is quick, around one or two hours.  You will have full function after.  The end result will be natural-looking teeth that work effectively and efficiently.   Gilbert all on 4 AZ

After surgery, your dentist will want you to come in just for a check up!  Your new implants will function the day you leave, but he or she will just want to make sure everything is perfect.  You also will be advised on how to care for your implants, which is super easy! #smilewithconfidence

If you are anxious at all about surgery or treatments options, talk to your dentist about your needs.  They will want to make you as comfortable as possible.  You will be sedated during surgery, so you wont feel any pain or stress! 

Generally all-on-4 dental implants are about half the price of traditional implants.  If you are wanting more detailed information, check out Gilbert all on 4 AZ

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