Health Benefits of All on 4 Implants Scottsdale AZ


Having dental implants is one of the best things you can do for your oral health. If you have missing teeth, that's the cure for what's bothering you. Do you have rotten teeth, which are beyond saving? A full arch implant can save the day, and return your #smile with confidence.

At Martin Dental, your local dental implant specialist, we understand how big difference dental implants will make to our patients' lives. These are some of the health benefits of dental implants:


All on 4 Implants Scottsdale AZ are a Permanent Solution

There is a way in which dental implants truly distinguish themselves from other dental replacement techniques in that they provide a permanent solution.

All other options for replacement have their own benefits and uses, but all require replacement over time by your local dentist.

Once an all-on-four implant has been successfully implanted, it is there for the rest of your life. While you care for it properly, it won't be going anywhere.


Dental Implants Improve Oral Health

Missing teeth can affect the entire mouth. It can lead to bone loss, it can cause your gums to recede over time, and it can influence the health of all your teeth.

When you lose a tooth, the other teeth start to crowd together in a bid to bridge the gap. This has many implications for your health, not any of them being good.

When you lose teeth, this creates unevenness in your mouth. When your teeth move to bridge the gap, it erodes at the density of your jawbone. When you visit your local Scottsdale AZ dental surgeon, these Dental implants stop movement of teeth because they are inserted directly into your jaw.

Getting All on 4 Implants Scottsdale AZ will restore balance and stability to your mouth, by keeping your teeth from crowding or becoming crooked, and preserving your bone structure.


All-On-Four Dental Implants Keep Facial Shape and Help Speech

Tooth loss can make your face droop and appear hollow and dreary. All on 4 implants will restore the form of your face. They also make your #smilewithconfidence fuller and healthier.

While this is not a health benefit, one additional advantage of dental implants is they can help to correct any lisping or speech impediment due to the loss of teeth.

Not only does correcting a speech impediment provide you with peace of mind, it makes you much better at connecting with other people. This is definitely a noticeable improvement in the quality of your life.


Say Goodbye to Cavities in Scottsdale AZ

All on 4 Dental implants resemble natural teeth. They have one advantage in comparison. They will never need filling because of cavities! Your dental implants can become stained and wear over time, yet they cannot decay or become abscessed like normal teeth.

To be sure All on 4 Implants Scottsdale AZ are right for you, you will need to speak to a specialist. To #meetthedoctor, you can contact us direct, or you can fill in the form below, and one of the dental team will be in touch at the earliest possible moment.



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