How Can My Chandler, AZ Dentistry Expert Replace My Smile?

Nobel Biocare first introduced dental implants. The All-on-4 system offers patients a speedier and more economical solution for the replacement of all their teeth.

Traditional methods require six, eight, or possibly more implants as well as bone grafting. It can take up to a year and a half to complete such a time-consuming procedure, with patients having no teeth or poorly fitting dentures for a more extended period.

Here you can see about how implants of all kinds can help replace your missing teeth with the best dentist Chandler, AZ


How Will Implant Dentistry Chandler, AZ Fit?

The "All-on-4" concept uses just four implants in each jaw, and no bone grafting is required to keep them in place for many years. Of the four implants, two will be front straight implants, and the other two will be angled at 45 degrees behind.

This gradient allows the implants to use all available bone to avoid all kinds of grafts. It also allows the patient to leave the local Chandler, AZ dental office with a complete set of teeth all at the same time.


What Happens in an Implants Chandler, AZ Procedure?

The first steps before the surgery are 3D CT scans, X-rays, and impressions of teeth that are already in the mouth.

On the day of the procedure, the dentist will remove the permanent teeth before the insertion of four implants in each jaw.

After this procedure, he or she will place a temporary set of teeth on the implants during the entire healing process until they are completely healed.

To ensure that the implants do not move as the bone and gums around the implants heal, the dentist places the temporary set on the implants throughout the entire healing process.

Martin Dental advise patients to follow a diet of soft foods for eight weeks after the first treatment until a new set of teeth is placed.


After Implants Procedures in the Chandler, AZ dental clinic?

After the implants are fully integrated into the bone, and the oral cavity heals, further impressions are taken, and a fixed set of teeth is made and placed on the implants.

These newly formed teeth are not only similar to natural teeth but also function in the same way as natural teeth. All four dental implants are durable with the same bite force as regular teeth.

Chandler, AZ dental implants have the same level of care as natural teeth. This means regular tooth brushing and flossing.

Another advantage is that there is less risk of gingival recession and bone loss than with other implants or dentures thanks to the support of four implants.

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