How Can Tucson, AZ Dentist Replace My Smile?


The All-on-4 system offers patients a speedier and more economical solution for the replacement of all their teeth.

Traditional methods require six, eight, or possibly more implants and bone grafting. It can take up to a year and a half to complete such a time-consuming procedure, with patients having no teeth or poorly fitting dentures for a more extended period.

Here you can see about how implants of all kinds can help replace your missing teeth with the best dentist Tucson, AZ


Will Implant Dentistry Tucson, AZ Fit Me?

The "All-on-4" concept uses only four implants in each jaw and does not require bone grafting to keep them in place for many years. Of the four implants, two will be straight front implants, and it will angle the other two 45 degrees back.

This gradient allows the implants to use all available bones to avoid many grafts. It also allows the patient to leave the local dental office in Tucson, AZ, with a complete set of teeth, all at the same time.


Implant Procedure in Tucson, AZ Procedure?

Before surgery, the first steps are 3D scans, X-rays, and impressions of teeth already in the mouth.

On the day of the operation, the dentist will remove the permanent teeth before inserting four implants in each jawbone.

After this operation, they will place an improvised set of teeth on the implants during the entire healing process until it heals them completely.

To ensure that the implants do not move like bone and gum around the healing implants, your dentist will place the implants' temporary set during the entire healing process.

Martin Dental advises patients to follow a soft food diet for eight weeks after the first treatment until they fix a new tooth collection.


Following a Tucson, AZ Implant Procedure

After the complete integration of the implants in the bone and the oral cavity's healing, other impressions are taken, and a fixed set of teeth is made and deposited on the implants.

These newly formed teeth are like natural teeth and work in the same way as natural teeth. All four dental implants are durable with the same bite strength as regular teeth.

Tucson, AZ dental implants have the same level of care as real teeth. This means brushing and regular flossing.

Another advantage is that there is less risk of gingival recession and bone loss than with other implants or dentures thanks to four implants' support.

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