How Chandler, AZ Dental Care Can Slow the Aging Process


When a tooth is lost, it can feel like a challenge, whereas when a few are lost, the impact can have more repercussions that are radical. 

After they lose several teeth, these gaps close as other teeth shift inside the mouth. Coupled with this, the density of the bone in the jaw decreases, and facial formation is lost. 

These two-combined have a wilted look to the face, and maturation can come faster because of the shortage of teeth.  

Chandler, AZ, dental care, and implants are a means of interrupting this premature aging.


Effects of Tooth Loss, Gums and Jaws

When you are unfortunate to be missing teeth to the degree, you find it difficult to chew; other factors come into play, which you may not be aware of.

Your gums and jaws will work overtime when you chew, so your remaining teeth will wear out unevenly, and your jaws and gums will be painful.  

Although you may have dentures, these problems will not go away. Beneath a set of dentures, your jaw still loses its strength, and wearing dentures can make this condition worse.  

If you don’t replace your lost teeth with something other than dentures, you will experience bone loss, affecting your appearance, and you will quickly lose your self-confidence.  

Once you lose your smile with confidence, then you may have to consider dental implants, which can help remove about ten years of your age that will appear without all your teeth.


Chandler, AZ Implant Dental Care Preserves Structure

After you have spoken with your local dentist, you can learn more about prevention is the best way to preserve younger-looking facial structure.

Whereas it is an option for individual patients, adding one or two implants is not for others.

For patients that have more tooth loss than they have remaining teeth, you will discover these implants will help stimulate the jawbone like one of your natural teeth and can help you to maintain a more youthful appearance while smiling and eating.

Such is the impact of implants from Chandler, AZ dentist they can delay the aging process to the extent you may not look much different after five years of using them.


Finding Dental Care Expert in Chandler, AZ

It is often simpler than you expect to discover a dental implant specialist. While they won’t just fit implants straight away, they will respect all patients’ opportunities to protect their dental health.

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