How Smoking Affects Your Chandler, AZ Dental Care



While the majority of people are unaware of this, there is currently a considerable amount of information indicating that smoking is harmful to health.

If you worry about such problems like oral cancer, you may be surprised to know that stopping smoking can do much more for you than any other type of dental care protocol.

When considering quitting smoking, you need to consider both severe and relatively minor problems that can be avoided. Learn more about this topic here, and you’ll learn how your local Chandler, AZ dental expert can help you.


Stained Teeth and Bad Breath

Did you ever have an appointment, and thought things were going well, but something felt wrong? In the event, the person before you is not smoking, and you are, then your breath will be sufficient by itself can quickly become a turn-off.

Although you can use all manner of teeth whitening products to remove cigarette stains on your teeth, you cannot hide the horrible stale smell of cigarette smoke from your breath. Besides, you may even find out that trying to conceal bad breath that comes from smoking seems only to make it worse.


Smoking Can Lead to Gum Disease

As you may or may not know, cigarette smoke contains several chemicals. After they start settling on your gums and teeth, they can lead to all sorts of damage to your oral health.

Even when your gums are mildly affected by cigarette smoke, they can still cause long-term problems such as receding gums. This process exposes your roots to bacteria, which infects them and causes gum disease.

Undoubtedly, if you don't enjoy the expensive dental treatments, consider researching the role tobacco plays in tooth damage.


Smoking and Link to Oral Cancer Dental Care in Chandler, AZ

When you use tobacco products, you tend to develop a form of oral cancer. Even with annual check-ups, which can help detect and recognize the signs, it is essential to understand that this cancer spreads quickly.

Not only do oral tumors develop rapidly, but also they can enter your lymphatic system. Since these nodes are found in your neck, it can be significantly harder to remove them. For instance, if you smoke and do not take care of your mouth correctly, you can end up with widespread malignancy. You may also find that the treatment options you have are much less than you might have expected.


Overall, smoking is harmful to your oral health, and it is best if you quit smoking.

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