How to Find Best Gum Disease Toothbrush in Chandler, AZ


Do you suffer from gum disease? Well, if so, you know that gum disease can be excruciating. Luckily, several tools can help alleviate the symptoms of gum disease. One of the easiest ways to help your gums heal is to use the right toothbrush.

Here are some tips from your local dental specialist Chandler, AZ, to find the best toothbrush for gum disease.


Soft Bristle Manual Brushes

When you have infected gums, then you know how vulnerable they can be. Selecting a soft-bristled toothbrush helps prevent gum irritation.

You may also choose a brush with ultra-fine bristles. For many patients with gum disease, they find these are the mildest tools available to help clean their delicate gums.

All you need to do is replace your toothbrush regularly. Bristles will wear out over time. If you use an older brush, the bristles will be stiffer and flatter.


Try Electric Toothbrush if You Have Mobility Issues

If you tend to be rigid with your teeth, these toothbrushes are a more gentle way to clean.

An electric toothbrush may also be handy for patients with gum disease and who struggle with moving their arm correctly.

For some patients, using an electric toothbrush may result in cleaner teeth. The electric toothbrushes have removable heads, so you can swap these quickly to maintain your oral hygiene.

You can also treat sensitive gums in other ways. Use a water flosser when cleaning sensitive areas of your mouth. However, be sure to floss in the not so sensitive areas.

Using an alcohol-free mouthwash is also a great way to eliminate germs. It will also freshen your breath, which is a bonus.


Gum Disease Treatment in Chandler, AZ

Therefore, you've bought yourself the best toothbrush for gum disease. It is now essential to visit your local gum disease dentist. Even though dental care at home is vital, only your dentist will be able to treat the disease.

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