I Need the Best Dentist for Missing Teeth in Chandler, AZ

Your local dentist in Chandler, AZ, will often have a number of dental options available to you. A lot depends on the current state of your mouth, and how long you didn’t have all your teeth in place.

If you haven't smiled for a long time, then the choice can be more dramatic than you can expect. This weakness may eventually lead to further tooth loss. Moreover, can leave you wondering, which is the best dentist Chandler, AZ for missing teeth


Best Dentist Chandler, AZ Dental Options

Many ways a local dentist can replace lost teeth. This will be necessary to help you chew and speak successfully, according to the number of teeth you lost.

The main reason is that after losing one or more of them, the adjacent teeth will start to move. After all, you will have problems chewing because the teeth no longer exactly line up.

In addition, gum tissue and bones underneath the spaces created by the missing teeth start to degrade, weakening the neighboring teeth.

Fixed bridges are one of the most common options. These are held in place by the surrounding teeth. The downside with these is the surrounding teeth may decay, and you lose the support. Following on are Dentures where an arch of teeth for the upper and lower. The downsides being they can often trap food or start to slip over time.

Dental implants are the highest achievement, especially the newer All on four implants. They are fixed, so there is no slippage and no other teeth that could be afraid of caries to support the bridge.


Advice from Chandler, AZ Dentist

Your local dentist would advise you on the best option for you to smile with confidence, bearing in mind the teeth that are still there. If there’s a problem with too many teeth, the solution is dentures or implants.  Then the choice depends on you and how far you want to go.

Implants last longer than other solutions and will save many visits to the dentist, where he has to give the news that you need another extraction. If you want to find the best option, you can contact Martin Dental or fill in the quick form below, and one of the team will get right back to you as soon as is possible.

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