Poor Dental Hygiene Can Lead to Chandler, AZ Implants

During the last few years, they have paid attention to both your general state of health and your oral health. Studies show, for example, that if you have poor oral hygiene, it may lead to some other health issues like heart conditions. Conversely, general health can influence your oral health. 

To learn more about this, continue reading to learn more about some health-related topics that may affect oral health and how they may lead to patients requiring the ultimate Chandler, AZ dental solution to fix the issues and return good health. 


Poor Oral Hygiene Causes

Osteoporosis - Women are more affected than men are. In these cases, the bone density decreases, and the bones become weaker, where this can lead to periodontitis and further tooth loss. Dentures no longer fit properly, and the best solution sometimes implants.

  • AIDS and HIV - people who suffer from these diseases have more oral difficulties than people who do not have any. Mouth ulcers, warts, and lesions on the tongue are some of the first signs, and tongue inflammation.
  • Asthma - this exacerbates dental problems in more than one way. Inhalers cause dental cavities when used daily. Extended use reduces saliva, making the mouth vulnerable to cavities and infections. Acid reflux through heavy coughing is the other area, where stomach acid may cause tooth erosion.
  • Diabetes - many people are not aware that diabetes is bad for oral health. As with asthma, people with diabetes can produce less saliva to flush particles away. This leads to more cavities. Gum inflammation also makes it more difficult for the body to produce necessary insulin. Any oral problems take longer to heal. This means that patients often undergo periodontal treatment. 


An Unhealthy Lifestyle Will Impair Oral Health

When you live a lifestyle that is unhealthy, it affects all areas. To ensure you need not see your local dentist near me, Chandler, AZ, for other areas of your health. You can do several things.

  1. Switch to healthier foods and cooking styles
  2. Increase exercise. Even as little as a 15-30 workout a day with moderate activity will work miracles.
  3. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption
  4. Start a healthy oral hygiene program. Brush and floss twice a day.

When this happens, the approach of the dentist near me in Chandler, AZ, that you found could be dramatic. 


Local Chandler, AZ Dentist Near me Can Help

All these are some of the more common problems, which confronts some people.

You can find more, and for many people, this means a local dentist may recommend the ultimate solution to halt the frequency of visits to the dentist and decreasing numbers of teeth.

From prosthetics that don’t fit, tooth extractions, the best solution is dental implants Chandler, AZ.

This dental work offers ideal results; it does not reduce the necessity for good oral hygiene, but it can mean that individuals can regain their smiles with confidence.

To find out more, contact Martin Dental, your local Chandler, AZ dentist near me, or fill out the form below. The support staff will contact you as soon as they have received your request. 


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