Queen Creek AZ All on 4 Dental Implant


One of the most amazing technological advances in dentistry has to be the development of dental implants.  Before them, the only options that were available were bridges or dentures.  Implants offer an attractive and comfortable solution for someone who has lost just one tooth or several to decay or injury.  It’s a permanent replacement that looks and feels like a real tooth. Queen Creek AZ All on 4 Dental Implant

Because dental implants will feel and look like a normal tooth, it does amazing things for a patient’s self-esteem.  So many that are shy about smiling because of missing teeth will feel comfortable to show off their pearly whites after a dental implant.  Dental implants also make it easier to eat and speak.  This is because of the titanium posts that are secured directly in the jaw.  This holds the implant in place.  The implant will not come loose like a denture. 

You can choose to go the traditional dental implant route or see if you are a candidate for All-on-4 Implants!  What’s the difference?  The traditional route will use anywhere from 6 to 8 implants, where the All on 4…..uses four!  PLUS the All-on-4 can be completed in one day!  Yes!  You heard that right!  #martindental specializes in All-on-4 implants. Queen Creek AZ All on 4 Dental Implant

Success with dental implants can depend on where implants are placed or if an entire arch is placed.  But the average success rate is more than 95%.  The implants penetrate the jaw bone and gums, so because of this, certain people may not be a good fit for the procedure. #smilewithconfidence Your dentist can evaluate whether dental implants would be the right fit for you. 



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