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In the last 30 years, teeth replacement has made leaps and bounds.  Missing or extracted teeth can raise common concerns of infection, but when proper replacement is made, a confident and healthy smile happens. #smilewithconfidence

So, a common question that comes when replacing a tooth, what is the difference between a dental bridge vs. implant?  Which is right for you?  Often the dental implant is ideal, but there are numerous factors that have to be considered.  This first is how recent the tooth loss happened. Queen Creek AZ Dental Implant 

In the past, a dental bridge was the only choice.  This still involves more than just the missing tooth.  The adjacent teeth have to be prepped by removing most of the enamel to be able to fabricate the bridge.  With an implant, just the individual tooth is replaced.  This makes for a stronger and more permanent solution.  However, a dental bridge can be the best option if the neighboring teeth have large fillings, need crowns, or caps in the near future.  If the tooth has been lost for a long time, the gum and bone will have receded and usually other procedures are needed before any placement of implants can occur.  Discuss both options with your dentist. #martindental

Keeping your mouth healthier, is easier with an implant.  Dental bridges are cemented in the mouth and would involve at least three crowns, connected together to fill the space of the missing tooth.  This can create challenges when it comes to brushing and flossing.  Extra oral hygiene is crucial.  When flossing, an additional step is needed.  Floss has to be threaded under the false tooth. Queen Creek AZ Dental Implant 

Implants can replace teeth individually and not affect other teeth.  This makes regular home care easier.  An implant is taken care of just like your natural teeth. 

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