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When implants are involved, more than one dental professional may treat you.  An oral surgeon, periodontist or a general dentist that has had training with implants.  A prosthodontist or general dentist can make the crowns, bridges, or dentures.  The specialist who placed your implants will coordinate your treatment with your dentist.  They will decide what implants to use, how many needed and also where they should be placed.  If you call us at #martindental, we can do everything in house!  So the positive?  You are seeing one of us instead of many! Queen Creek All on 4 Implant AZ

Implant devices come in different types and are manufactured by different companies.  Before an implant can be placed, a person has to be a good candidate to receive a dental implant.  The bone in the jaw has to be able to hold an implant.  So strong bones in a must.  You also have to be free of periodontal disease.  Implants are also not recommended for:

  • Smokers
  • Those who suffer from autoimmune diseases or have to take medications for these conditions
  • Someone who has had radiation therapy to the head and neck
  • Uncontrolled diabetes  Queen Creek All on 4 Implant AZ

Your dentist will give you a complete dental exam and complete heath history to determine if you are suitable for implants. 

Some people want traditional implants or All-on-4 implants to replace teeth that have been missing for years.  Others want implants to replace teeth that were extracted recently because of decay, gum disease, infection or injury. #smilewithconfidence There are cases where a tooth can be extracted and an implant placed at the same time.  This is not true if there is a severe infection in the tooth root or gums.  The area will need to be treated and have time to heal. 

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