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When the question is asked, “what is a root canal?”, an array of answers can be given, depending on who’s answering. #smilewithconfidence Usually the responses given are people with a misconception about what a root canal is or why it is needed.  Often people do not understand how a root canal can be prevented with good oral care habits.  San Tan Valley Dentist Near Me AZ

When tooth decay has taken its course on a tooth, a root canal is necessary.  The tooth becomes infected or abscessed when the decay has reached beyond the enamel and has moved on to the dentin.  The decay will then reach the nerve structure of the tooth, the pulp. #martindental When this happens, the decay in the tooth is irreversible.  The nerve structure of the tooth has begun to die.  As the tooth is dying, chemicals are released that can cause an infection at the tip of the root, and this leads to pain and swelling. 

This is usually when the toothache is noticeable and painful, and a call to the dentist is made.   Your dentist will want to do a root canal.  This procedure is complex and must be performed properly.  Choose your dentist wisely; experience and expertise in root canals is a must. San Tan Valley Dentist Near Me AZ

According to the American Association of Endodontists, root canals can be performed by general dentists or by endodontists.  An endodontist is a dentist who has received advanced training and specializes in the care of the inside of the tooth.  All dentists receive some training in endodontics.  After your dentist has done an examination, they will be able to tell you if they can do the procedure, or if you need to be referred to an endodontist. San Tan Valley Dentist Near Me AZ

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