Top Best Dentist Chandler, AZ Tips to Improve Your Smile


It can be hard to believe, but no individual is born with bright, beautiful smiles. Not even a dentist has perfect teeth. Oral hygiene requires a lot of work

However, if you assume a healthy dental habit for your everyday routine at an early stage, your teeth will be grateful to you. Here at your local best dentist, Chandler, AZ, gives some brilliant advice to encourage you to begin striving to perfect the ways you are caring for your teeth.

Read on to learn from these dental hygiene tips.


Brush regularly and properly

When choosing a toothbrush, aim for one that has a tapered shape and a comfortable grip. According to your Chandler, AZ dentist, a good guideline is always to spend about three minutes cleaning your teeth and do so twice per day.

Brush your teeth inside and out in circular motions, applying just enough force to feel the bristles move between each tooth and along your gum line.  Remember to change your toothbrush as soon as the bristles start to fray, which usually takes three to four months.


Always Remember to Floss, As Your Chandler, AZ Best Dentist Advises

Just brushing alone won't do the trick. The plaque may stick in places not accessible to the toothbrush. While flossing can be a hassle, every dentist can tell you that it's an integral part of the dental hygiene process.

For the best results, lightly pull the floss in between each tooth, in an upward and downward, C-shaped motion along your gum line. Make sure you don't pull the floss too hard on your gums, which will cause gum bleeding.


Reduce or Avoid Food and Drink that Stains Teeth

Whereas systematic brushing and flossing is the best way to fight dental decay and cavities, it may be equally important to avoid some of the foods and drinks are known for discoloration.

These include drinks such as coffee and red wine, as well as highly processed foods such as breakfast cereals. Foods packed with sugar are particularly dangerous to oral health because sugar increases the acid level in the mouth.



Avoid or Quit Smoking

Besides lung cancer and cardiovascular disease, smoking triggers gum disease and oral cancer. Tobacco products contain tar and nicotine, which provide food for the bacteria that eat on your gum line and in the bone, which supports your teeth.

To reduce the chance of losing teeth, or to face cancer, the best option is to quit smoking altogether. You can start by evaluating your smoking habits to start pinpointing ways to break your dependency.


How to Schedule Regular Chandler, AZ Dental Checkups

Dental Associations say it should be every six months or so when you schedule an appointment with your local dentist to keep on top of your dental care. The best way to catch potential dental issues is to contact Martin Dental direct, or you can complete the simple form below so one of the staff can be in touch in the quickest possible time.

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