What Can Family Dentist Chandler, AZ Do, for Bad Breath?

You know, there are entire ranges of reasons people can suffer from bad breath. A local family dentist, Chandler, AZ, will discuss with you the more common causes.The Other reasons for this problem can be found besides specific foods and beverages you may consume.

Poor dental hygiene, such as inadequate brushing, is a common reason. Do this twice a day to ensure that your mouth is clean.

Read on to see more about what a Chandler, AZ family dentist can do to help.


Does My Diet Cause Bad Breath?

When you eat food, it breaks down, and if you don't clean your teeth properly, all foods can contribute to bad breath, although you'll find that some are worse than others are.

Garlic, onions, and cooking spices can contribute to bad breath more than most foods alone. This is because they enter the bloodstream of the body, and from there, they pass into the lungs and therefore influence your breath.

Tobacco products are another major contributor to bad breath. In cases of these, there may be the onset of gum disease, which is another source of mouth odor and will prevent you from being able to smile with confidence. Similarly, you notice that these stain your teeth and make your breath smell terrible.


Family Dentists Stops Bad breath with Oral Hygiene

Your local family dentist in Chandler is the best person to provide you with a comprehensive oral examination and point out the reasons that may be responsible for your bad breath.

Without daily brushing and flossing, food molecules are trapped between your teeth and at the bottom of your gums. When this happens, you will encounter a film of microorganisms on the surface of your teeth in the form of plaque.

This plaque, if not removed, irritates the gums and can expand upward and form hardened deposits in and around the teeth. A dentist will use the professional title periodontitis. Regardless, the tongue can trap bacteria.

One area that people never consider is when dentures are not cleaned or do not fit properly. This creates territories where microorganisms and food debris can settle, which can lead to bad breath.


How Can My Dentist Chandler, AZ Help?

A cursory examination with your local qualified family dentist may enable all it takes to get you on the way to fresher smelling breath. If he sees any signs of plaque build-up, they can easily remove it can be easily before cleaning your teeth. From this point, the dental specialist can advise on the best cleaning regimen that you can use at home.

If the cause of your bad breath differs, more work may be required according to the root cause. To learn more about this, you can directly contact Martin Dental here or fill out the form below for more information.

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