What Can a Chandler, AZ TMJ Disorder Dentist Do for Me?

Many people, adults, and children can suffer from chronic jaw pain or facial pain. 

Some symptoms can be noticeable and are common. Pains in or around their ears, tenderness of the jaw, pain when biting, eating, or headaches for no apparent reason. Because there are many underlying reasons for pain in the face, it can be challenging to diagnose and treat.

Read on to see how your local Chandler, AZ TMJ specialist may be able to help you. 


What Can Cause My Pain?

If you are experiencing these chronic pains, it can be time to visit your dental TMJ specialist. They will have all the right equipment to give a thorough diagnosis, which may include x-rays or other imaging means, which can show how your teeth fit together.

Most facial pain from TMJ is treatable as long as your dentist can pinpoint your pain. While it may be evident on some occasions, the times you grind your teeth at night don't make it as distinct.

Possible causes of these pains can show symptoms of TMJ while they are, in fact, something else. Here are some other reasons, yet if you already know you grind your teeth, it does make things easier for your dentist.


  • Toothache from grinding teeth
  • Problems with jaw or the temporomandibular joint
  • Gum disease or Infections
  • Facial injury, either recent or old


Treatments for TMJ in Chandler, AZ

The above issues can be pinpointed quickly, and they all have their kinds of treatments that can be administered from your local dentist. However, if you are suffering because of grinding teeth, then your TMJ specialist can prescribe you with a mouthguard.

You wear these at night, so if you grind your teeth, they are protected, and thus won't cause any pain.

He may also give you some facial relaxation techniques, or carry out some restorative dental treatments if there is something he can do to correct the issue.


Finding TMJ Dental Specialists in Chandler, AZ

You may think it hard to locate such a specialist who can help with this issue, yet it isn't as hard as you imagine.

Rather than spend hours trawling online to find which dental clinics offer such a service, you can contact the one you can be certain delivers the best TMJ treatment in the region.

Contact the local Martin Dental clinic directly, or you can make use of the small form below, and the staff will get back to you when the best time to arrange an appointment is.

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