Why Are Dentures Not the Best Dentistry in Chandler, AZ?

A lot of people aren't fans of dentures.  They're fighting over upkeep, sliding, and limitations on the food they can eat. People like to eat without any problems!

Lower dentures may seem more complicated than upper ones.  The jaw bone gradually changes shape, will eventually flatten out, and after the teeth are removed, the bone is no longer stimulated, and it leads to the loss of bone. 

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Dental Implants are Better Options

Dental implants offer a reliable solution to the many problems people encounter.  If you are looking for a complete set of arch teeth, then you are looking to have about six to eight implants inserted to support the arch.

 This can cost a lot of money when multiple implants are placed. It takes a lot of time and some pain for the patient to smile with confidence and have full teeth for a fraction of the cost with a complete set of Chandler, AZ implants.


Why Dental Implants Chandler, AZ

Dentures can be a good solution for those patients who are lacking all, many, or most of their original teeth. However, because of the issues and discomfort, many individuals opt for implants.

Your local dentist at Martin Dental may advise the removal of any remaining or decayed teeth. He will treat the infection before proceeding.

Patients may experience discomfort from dentures during meals or speech, and they often feel loose.  Dentures do require special cleaning and treatment and are still essential to protect the gums and existing teeth. Hence the reason why implants are now a permanent alternative


Best Dentistry Solution Chandler, AZ

Over the past few years, the best way to restore any smile with confidence is for patients to choose dental implants. These can replace all the gaps in your teeth as well as your local dentist removing any decaying ones to fit these dental implants in the local dental office.

These require less looking after than other dental options, yet they need caring for as if they were your original teeth. Besides, there is no discomfort as they feel like your teeth.

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