Why Best Dentists in Chandler, AZ Use 3D Scans

They have made technology advances, which make things faster and safer. One area where things change quickly is dentistry.

Previously, dentists used only X-rays, and people were concerned about radiation levels.

Yet once 3D scans in Chandler, AZ, are used to take images for every type of dentistry, they are much safer because they use them at rare times. Here you can find out more about these 3D scans and how they help your dentist offer the best Chandler, AZ dental care.


How 3D Scanners Work for Chandler, AZ Dentists?

They take repeated pictures from the inside of the mouth using a handheld wand device. When these images are made, a 3D model is placed on the screen directly in front of the dentist. They can maneuver the wand so they capture virtually any part of your mouth, and can see what they have missed before they are done.

Because only one person is necessary to operate these machines, they reduce time and effort. They also allow the dentist to plan how to proceed with his dental work in Chandler, AZ, instead of waiting for X-rays to be developed.


Why Dentists Use 3D Scans

The dentist only sees what he's examining in the patient's mouth. With dental implants, there's much more you need to know that they can't see with another method.

The major area is the bone density in the jaw. It supports dental implants. It can quickly check whether the bone density is sufficient for the implant to be properly anchored.

The 3D scan allows the dentist to see exactly what and where he or she needs to work, or areas where he or she cannot, and the jawbone may be the weakest. 


Finding Best Dentist Chandler, AZ for 3D Scans

Equipment can be expensive, and dentists will have to recover costs. However, for Martin Dental, 3D scanning can be included in the cost of dental work, depending on which treatment is required.

This quick and simple procedure does not cause any discomfort and allows the dentist to work on determining the best way to fit dental implants to the patient.

If you would like to learn more about this procedure or find out more about the best dental implants, please contact Martin Dental directly here or fill out the form, and the staff will contact you as soon as possible. 

You can quickly find out that a 3D scan is the first step to regain a satisfying smile with confidence from your local dentist.

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