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Most people choose braces to enhance the appearance of their smile, although braces have several other benefits. Straight teeth can be more easily cared for and less likely to develop oral conditions like tooth decay and gum disease.

Deciding to straighten your teeth using braces can improve speech, digestive function, and overall health. For most people, braces are the answer to a healthier smile.

Straighter teeth can undoubtedly improve self-esteem; however, know that there are many other benefits.

Here you can learn how Martin Dental, your best Chandler AZ dental care, has more to offer you than just a smile with confidence.


Straight Teeth Benefits

Braces not only improve the aesthetics of your smile. Braces offer many advantages and can affect your overall health.

Even if you don’t mind the imperfections of your smile, there may be a perfect reason to have braces and straighten your teeth.


Cleaning Teeth Becomes Easier

Sometimes when you have your teeth too tightly together, they can be difficult to clean between them. When your teeth are well aligned, it will be much easier to brush and floss them.

When you are not struggling with hard-to-reach areas, it will make your dental care routine that much easier, and you can reach all the different surfaces of your teeth and gums. 


Improve Your Oral Health with Chandler Dental Care

Not only will braces give you a smile you can be happy with, but they also promote the health of your teeth and gums. When the teeth are skewed and crowded, it is more challenging to clean them adequately, which can cause more severe issues like tooth decay, the development of gum disease, and loss of bone. 

Too crowded teeth or too large a space between teeth, over-aligned teeth, and bite issues can lead to undue wear and tear on your teeth and gums. Braces can ease excessive stress and prevent tooth enamel degradation. 

Any orthodontic procedure requires you to brush and floss more frequently. As a result, your teeth will be healthier, and after a year or two of wearing braces, you will have excellent dental care practices for the rest of your life.


Better Digestion and Overall Health

Every time you eat food, your teeth work to break down the particles. Once your teeth are well aligned, they chew more efficiently to breaking down food to help your digestive system make the most of whatever you eat.

Are you aware that poor oral health is related to severe health conditions like heart disease, strokes, and kidney disease? Having straight, clean, healthy teeth not only look good, but it also helps you to feel better. 

 Getting braces as an Adult can cause unexpected and welcome effects. Braces may help TMJ and sleep apnea by addressing biting and tooth alignment issues. For individuals with TMJ, it can relieve the tension to decrease clenching. If you have sleep apnea, braces can increase the space in your mouth and open your airway.


Teeth Straightening Options with Chandler Dentist

Now that you have learned about the advantages of braces, are you ready to make a move? Based on your treatment plan, there are a few options available to you for braces. There are benefits to each type of appliance, so you’ll probably first want to talk with your dentist to choose the one which best suits your lifestyle and treatment requirements. 

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