Why I Need a Dentist to Replace Missing Teeth Chandler, AZ

Your local dentist Chandler, AZ, can help to replace missing teeth. Besides communication, your teeth serve as a placeholder. After one or more of them are missing, adjacent teeth will move.

You will have bite problems because the teeth no longer line up. Besides, the gum and bone tissue underneath the gaps made by the missing teeth will degrade, leading to the neighboring teeth becoming weaker.

This instability can contribute to further tooth loss. If you are missing several teeth, approach your local Chandler, AZ dental clinic to investigate your opportunities.


What are Missing Tooth Options?

A local Chandler, AZ dentist, will generally have a selection of dental options that they can propose to you. Many of these will depend on the current state of your mouth; and how long you haven't had all your teeth in place. If you haven't had a smile with confidence for an extended period, then the prospects may be somewhat more dramatic.

Fixed bridges are one of the most common options. They held in place by neighboring teeth. The drawback with these is that the neighboring teeth can degenerate, and you give up the support.

Dentures are a full arch of teeth at the top and bottom; these dentures can often catch food or slip over time. Implants are permanently secured, so there is no slippage, and there are no other teeth to worry about with cavities that are reinforcing a bridge.


What Can My Chandler, AZ Dentist Advise?

A local dentist would recommend the best option for you to have the opportunity to smile with confidence considering the teeth, which are still in place. If there is a problem with too many, then dentures or implants are the workable results.

After that, the choice depends on the patient and how far they prefer to go.

Implants from Chandler, AZ dentist, can last a long time and will save many visits to the dentist, where you will have to tell them you need another extraction. If you want to find the best option, contact Martin Dental or fill in the quick form below, and one of the team will get right back to you as soon as is possible.

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