Will My Chandler Dentist Explain Cavities?


Most grown-ups in their 20s and over have had at the very least one cavity in their permanent teeth.  Many people get an idea of what cavities are, but they have little idea of cavities’ actual formation. Treatment of a cavity can be as straightforward as a small filling, with unattended caries requiring root canals or crowns to save the damaged teeth.

Here you can learn more about cavities and how the best way to deal with them is to contact your local Chandler, AZ dental expert.


What are Cavities?

To understand what tooth decay is, it is also essential to understand the way it structures tooth enamel. If you want to know in detail, your Chandler, AZ dentist can help.

Dental enamel comprises a network of different minerals. Dental cavities happen when a loss of minerals happens faster than the reconstruction rate called demineralization.

One common misconception is that sugar erodes the enamel on the teeth; however, the sugars are simply food for bacteria. The two types of bacteria are most commonly present in the cause of dental cavities, Streptococcus Mutans, and Lactobacilli.

Such bacteria are nourished by sugars that bind to the surface of your teeth. The residues produced by these bacteria are lactic acid, which will corrode your enamel when left settled on your teeth.

They feed the bacteria with various types of sugars found in the foods we consume, including sucrose (table sugar), glucose, fructose, lactose, and cooked starches.

The reduction of sugary food consumption can be a means to control this bacteria’s growth and the uptake of acid.


Will I Know If I Have a Cavity?

If you previously had a cavity, and particularly a deep cavity, you may experience heightened sensitivity in the affected tooth and even pain.

The middle cavity may not always be visible at first glance. However, your Chandler dentist has several methods to identify the forming cavities, beginning with x-rays of the upper, lower, and parts of each tooth.



Can My Dentist Rebuild Tooth Enamel

For nearly all cases, a dentist must attend to the cavities who gently clean and remove the tooth decayed parts, and fill up the hole with a filler. We can compose the dental fillings of porcelain, amalgam, resin, silver, or gold.

More severe and more profound cavities being left unsupervised can require more than just a filler. Root canals are the treatment necessary for holes that reach the pulp in the middle of the tooth. Even severe cases of caries may demand a crown to reinforce and protect the tooth against other cavities.

Dental enamel can be naturally reconstructed through remineralization, in which the dental enamel collects the missing minerals.

Remineralization is a too delicate process, and various conditions have to be met inside the mouth for the process to proceed. Remineralizing kinds of toothpaste can help with the process and a diet rich in the vitamins needed.


How Can I Prevent Cavities in Chandler, AZ

The bacteria will be ever present in the mouth; however, damaging the bacteria and its effects can be controlled through a proper dental care routine.

Brush and floss two times a day and rinse thoroughly using an antiseptic mouthwash. It would help if you brushed your teeth at least two minutes at a time and then brush all surfaces of your teeth. The tongue scraping is another means of controlling the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Seeing your dentist twice a year helps not only to keep your teeth clean, but to sort out any cavities and other issues before they get worse. Contact Martin Dental and find out about cavities

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