Will My Chandler Dentist Fix My TMJ Issues?


Approximately ten million American citizens suffer from TMJ. This is a condition affecting the temporomandibular joint which is the joint between the mandible and the temporal bone.

Failure to treat this can cause many problems that affect all areas of the mouth and face.

Here you can read how your Chandler, AZ TMJ dental specialist can help.


TMJ Symptoms

One very typical symptom of TMJ is a popping or snapping sound as you open or close your mouth. Other symptoms include a jaw that locks or becomes stuck while opening the mouth or yawning. 

Migraines, earache or pain and or a sensation of great pressure in the back of your eyes are also signs.

Besides a few of the symptoms mentioned here, other signs of TMJ are sensitivity in the jaw muscles, and a change - often suddenly in the way your upper and lower teeth fit together.


What Causes TMJ?

TMJ pain may develop when cartilage and the dampening disc that covers the bones interacts with the temporomandibular joint, the hinge which also has some gliding movement, will corrode or shift out of alignment.

  • Additional sources of TMJ may be an uneven bite if upper and lower teeth do not align properly.
  • Straining and grueling work, such as lifting repeatedly heavy objects, may cause TMJ.
  • Gnashing and grinding the teeth over time (bruxism) can also exacerbate TMJ.


Your Chandler, AZ dental specialist, may diagnose TMJ by physically examining your jaw and face. He will take x-rays and may make a cast of your mouth to see how well the bite fits. Your dentist will most likely also take several x-rays.


TMJ Treatment with Chandler, TMJ Specialist Dentist

Although your dentist or doctor can significantly reduce your symptoms by prescribing one or more of the following, there is not a single cure or treatment for the disorder.

  1. Application of moist warmth to this area.
  2. By taking prescription medication and other anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers.
  3. Understanding how your muscles tighten in your jaw and learning about relaxation or seeking counseling to help manage or eliminate stress.
  4. Using a bite plate or splint during the night or while you sleep. These mouth guards reduce the effects of bruxism.

For most people, TMJ pain will resolve itself over time and with non-surgical treatments of the types described above.

When none of the treatments listed above relieve TMJ pain, you may need extra treatment. To learn more about what can put you at ease, contact Martin Dental direct, your local emergency dentist in Chandler, AZ. Alternatively, quickly fill out the form below.

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