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To be a candidate for same day dental implants, you need to have a sufficient amount of bone tissue to support the implants.  #smilewithconfidence Jaw recession is inevitable when tooth loss happens.  So if you have been missing teeth for some time, your jaw currently may not be strong enough for implants.  Your dentist will use a 3-D cone beam computed tomography (CT) scans and digital x-rays to examine the jaw for bone recession.  The good news is that often your dentist can use a state-of-the-art bone morphogenetic protein to stimulate tissue growth and improve your candidacy for All-on-4 Dental Implants. All on 4 Dentist Queen Creek AZ

The amazing things about same-day implants is no temporary restoration is needed!!  Also, going several months on a limited diet isn’t required as well! 

For all-on-4 implants, a person must be in good oral and physical health.  If gum disease is a problem, it can compromise your candidacy for treatment.  Health issues like diabetes or autoimmune disease can also impact your ability to receive dental implants.  All on 4 Dentist Queen Creek AZ

Once you are deemed eligible to receive implants, the planning for your custom procedure can begin!  Top of the line technology is used, and a patient should feel little to no discomfort.  Your dentist will also determine where the strongest places for the posts will be, leaving you at very low risk for implant failure. 

All on 4 Dental Implants are same day!  You will leave the office feeling like a brand new person, and look like a million dollars! Contact us today at #martindental!  We would love to help you get that brand new smile!  

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