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Having implants for the first time can be scary.  Most of the fear a person feels is usually the uncertainty.  Here is a step by step process for getting All-on-4 Dental Implants. #sweetwaterdentist

1st:  Your dentist will want you comfortable.  The best way to do this is either with local or general anesthesia. 

2nd:  The dentist or surgeon will start to prepare your mouth for implants.  This involves removing the remaining teeth that are failing.  They will also remove any diseased or infected tissue that is in the jaw and gums. All on 4 Queen Creek AZ

3rd:  Implantation process begins.  This means a titanium screw will be inserted into the jawbone.  In most cases, two implants will be placed toward the front of your mouth and then two towards the back of your mouth. #martindental  They will be anchored, and will evenly bare the force of the denture. 

4th:  After implants are placed, the surgical sites will be thoroughly cleaned, and the incisions will be sutured.  You will then be taken to a recovery room where you will relax and slowly wake up from the anesthesia. 

The basic All-On-4 implant procedure will involve anesthesia, preparation of the area, placing the implant, post-operative cleaning and then suturing. All on 4 Queen Creek AZ

Recovery time after receiving traditional dentures can range anywhere from 3 to 8 months.  The recover time for all-on-4 dental implants is much different, and quicker.  This is because the implants will fuse to the bone and promote stability of the denture, starting with the first day. 

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