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Poor Dental Care = Bad Breath


According to experts, one of the most common causes of bad breath, also termed halitosis, is bad dental care.  Bad breath is caused by a concentration of bacteria-producing malodorous chemicals.  The concentration comes by inadequate oral hygiene.  Usually the source of the terrible odor is food stuck in between the teeth and bacteria that has accumulated in the back of the throat. #martindental

But it’s not just poor oral hygiene that causes bad breath.  Check out some of these other factors:  Dentist San Tan Valley, AZ

  1.  Foods like garlic and onions.  While delicious, they can lead to some serious odor in the mouth. 
  2.  Dry mouth, which is caused by a decrease in saliva.  Saliva is needed to wash the mouth and help remove particles that cause odor.  Some medications cause dry mouth, so double check your prescriptions.
  3.  Tobacco products also are a big proponent of bad breath.  If you use tobacco, ask your dentist for some advice on how to kick the habit once and for all.   #smilewithconfidence

Medical disorders can often present with bad breath.  A local infection in the respiratory tract, chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, or liver/kidney ailment all can cause halitosis.  If you mouth looks healthy but you are still struggling with bad breath, it’s time to seek your family doctor for some advice. 

The best and most effective way to prevent bad breath is pretty simple, maintain great oral health.  Don’t skip out on those professional cleanings and checkups.  If you think you have constant bad breath, keep track of your eating habits, medications, and dental routine. Dentist San Tan Valley, AZ



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