Fix Broken Teeth with an Affordable Dentist Queen Creek AZ



Most of us can’t picture losing teeth as an adult. Yet, in reality, there are many dental injuries that occur with permanent teeth every single day. It doesn’t matter the reason behind why there is a broken or cracked tooth, there can be a solution to remedy the situation.

A smack in the mouth at a sporting event is one of the most common, this can cause cracks or broken teeth, or in severe cases, there can be several lost in one go. When this happens, you need to get your teeth attended to and this is where your affordable dentist Queen Creek AZ comes into play.


Local Dentist in Queen Creek AZ Fixing a Broken Tooth

How a tooth is fixed will depend how much is broken or chipped. Small repairs can take your local dentist a few minutes to repair once they have checked. This dental bonding can match your teeth color, so it won’t look out of place.

Another quick means of repair is porcelain veneers. These cover the face of your tooth and again match your tooth color. However, some of the existing tooth does require filing before they can be fitted.

If the tooth breaks and reveals the nerve, this will result in a root canal and the tooth topped with a crown. However, the tooth will be dead after this, and at some stage you will need it attended to keep your #smilewithconfidence. An affordable dentist Queen Creek AZ can do this in one sitting, although if you need a temporary crown until the final one is complete, this requires a mold of your bite and a day or so to be made.


Cracked Teeth Can be Worse than Broken Tooth

These can justify a visit to an affordable dentist Queen Creek AZ so they can attend to the crack. They will offer a range of options depending on the kind of crack. The pain you feel will also be very different, from hardly any to excruciating agony.

Cracks that don’t reach the gum line can be solved by bonding or veneers. If the crack reaches under the line of the gum, this will be a root canal and a crown, or tooth extraction. If this happens, you may need a dental implant.


Where to Find an Emergency Dentist Queen Creek AZ

There are countless dentists scattered all over the region, however, if your repair goes beyond a chipped tooth, you will need a specialist who can do emergency dentistry if required.

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