Overall Health Can Lead to All on 4 Implants Mesa, AZ

Your general health and oral health have received attention in recent years. Research shows poor oral health can lead to other health problems like heart disease. On the other hand, general health may affect oral health. To find out more, read on to learn about a few health-related issues which can affect oral health, and how they may lead to patients needing All on 4 Implants Mesa, AZ

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Causes of Oral Health Issues

Osteoporosis -  This affect women more than men. This is where bone density drops and bones weaken as a result. Jaws can lead to periodontitis and further tooth loss. Dentures won’t sit correctly, and the best solution can be All on 4 Implants.

Aids and HIV – sufferers of these diseases have more oral problems than individuals who don’t. Mouth ulcers, oral warts and lesions on the tongue are some of the first signs as is inflammation on the tongue.

Asthma – this increases dental issues in two ways. Inhalers lead to dental cavities if used daily. Prolonged use decreases saliva so the mouth is prone to tooth decay and infection. Acid reflux from harsh coughing is the second area. This stomach acid can lead to tooth erosion.

Diabetes – many people are unaware that diabetes is bad for oral health. Like with asthma, diabetes sufferers can produce less saliva to wash away particles. This leads to more cavities. Inflammation of the gums also makes it harder for the body to produce the important insulin. Any mouth problems take longer to heal. This means patients will have frequent periodontics treatment.


Unhealthy Lifestyles Affect General and Oral Health

When you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, all areas are affected. To make sure you don't need to visit your local dentist in Mesa, AZ because of other parts of your health. There are some things you can do.

  • Switch to healthier food choices and ways of cooking
  • Increase the amount of exercise. Even 15 – 30 minutes per day of light exercise can work wonders
  • Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake
  • Begin a healthy dental oral hygiene program. Brush twice daily and floss properly

While this can help younger people, it may be too late for individuals in the older generation. If this is the case, then the course of action from the dentist near me in Mesa, AZ you found can be dramatic, yet these All on 4 Implants Mesa, AZ can be a way to resolve all your dental problems.   

Local Mesa, AZ Dentists Can Help

These are some of the more common issues which face some people. There are more, and for many people it results in a local dentist recommending the ultimate solution to stop frequent dental clinic visits and dwindling numbers of teeth.

From dentures which don’t fit, to tooth extractions, the best solution is for dental implants. As some people may lack teeth, the All on 4 Implants Mesa, AZ can be the best way to resolve this.

This dental work delivers the ultimate, and while it doesn’t cut down on the need for good oral hygiene, it may mean individuals can regain their #smilewithconfidence

To find out more, you can contact your local Mesa AZ dentist, or fill out the form below, and the support staff will get back to you as soon as they receive your request.

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