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Five or 10 years ago, most patients had no idea what All on 4 was.  All on 4 is full arch fixed dental implant bridges.  Patients are now gravitating and requesting this treatment specifically.  Everyone is different, so every mouth has to be treated that way.  Assessing the factors is a must before recommending any treatment plan, even All on 4. Queen Creek AZ Affordable Dentist


Dental Implant treatments have guidelines, no rules!  This is a reason why dental implants are so versatile!  Every single case is different, so dentists must have a broad understanding of treatment options.  Some of the most routine-appearing implant cases can be impacted by factors like parafunction, occlusion, gum disease, size and spacing, and the patient’s budget. #smilewithconfidence


Dentists will asses the factors and listen to the patients wants prior to offering any treatment plans.  Full-arch fixed implant bridges, also referred to as All on 4, is taking the dental field by storm.  These bridges are usually supported by four to six dental implants.  The implants are fabricated from materials like acrylic fused to titanium, monolithic zirconia and porcelain.  Usually when presented to patients, its in package pricing.  All on 4 often times is promoted as the best treatment option. Queen Creek AZ Affordable Dentist


#martindental There has been aggressive marketing and extensive information available on the internet.  Because of this, patients are much more aware of the benefits of All on 4 bridges.  Here are five factors to consider when discussing All on 4 Dental Implants:  Speech issues, difficult adapting to bridge thickness, proprioception, parafunction, and high caries index. Queen Creek AZ Affordable Dentist

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