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It used to be thought of that as you aged, you just naturally lost your teeth.   This is simply not true.  If you follow some simple steps to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and visiting your dentist, your teeth will stay with you for a lifetime! #martindental

Plaque is made from invisible masses of very harmful germs.  It lives in the mouth and sticks to the teeth.  Plaque causes tooth decay and other types of plaque can cause gum disease.  The first sign of gum disease is usually red, puffy, or bleeding gums.  When gum disease is not treated, the tissue that hold the teeth in place is destroyed and then the teeth are eventually lost. Queen Creek Affordable Dentist AZ

Dental plaque can be difficult to see unless a staining agent is involved.  You can stain plaque by chewing red disclosing tablets which can be found at local grocery stores or drug stores.  #smilewithconfidence You can also use a cotton swab and smear green food coloring on the teeth.  That red or green color that is left on the teeth will show you where plaque is still hanging out.  You should brush again and remove it.  Examine your teeth often to make sure you are removing all the plaque. 

Make sure you ask your dentist or dental hygienist if these plaque removal techniques are okay.  Queen Creek Affordable Dentist AZ

Step One:  Floss Every Day

Use floss to remove all germs and food that is between the teeth and rinse your mouth after.

Step Two:  Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

Use a soft bristled toothbrush and do not scrub back and forth.  Use small circular motions and short back and forth motions.  Rinse your mouth after. Queen Creek Affordable Dentist AZ

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