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Dental Implants are not a fad or something new.  They have been in the Cosmetic Dentistry world for decades.  Over time implants have been improved and perfected.  According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, around 500,000 American adults have undergone implant therapy of some form every single year! Queen Creek Dental Implants AZ

#martindental Dental implants have proven to have a 98% success rate as long as they are properly placed and the oral hygiene regimens have been followed. 

Are you considering dental implants?  Do you think you could be a candidate for implants?  In most cases, the answer is a simple, yes! Queen Creek Dental Implants AZ

There are many things to think about before seeking treatment.  The two most important things are medical history and cost.  If a patient suffers from chronic illnesses like leukemia or diabetes, they may not be the best candidate.  These types of conditions keep the body from healing properly.  If a person has been treated with bisphosphonates (drug found in chemotherapy) or popular bone-building drugs like Fosamax and Boniva, they will be carefully looked at.  If a person smokes or does not have great mouth health, they will have to be counseled in a smoking cessation program before implants can be done. #smilewithconfidence

When taking a dental history, your dentist will focus on the health and thickness of the jawbone and how many implants would be needed to restore your smile.  Something else that plays a big role is oral hygiene.  For the implant to be a success, brushing and flossing properly must happen.  If the implant is to last a lifetime, this can’t be neglected.  When proper care is not taken, the implant can become infected and fail.  Queen Creek Dental Implants AZ

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