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Tooth crown pain can be hard to figure out sometimes.  If the pain you are experiencing persists, you are better off getting a professional diagnosis as soon as possible.  Speak to your dentist and explain the symptoms you are feeling.  If you know for sure you are grinding your teeth at night, ask about measures you can take to help relieve the pain. Root Canal San Tan Valley AZ

After a dental exam, your dentist may ask you to bite down on articulating paper to help determine if there are any high spots affecting your bite.  If high spots are found, the area will be filed down to provide a better bite alignment.  For bruxism (grinding of the teeth) your dentist can fit you with a custom mouth guard to wear at night.  It will provide a protective layer between the upper and lower teeth. 

#smilewithconfidence If upon examination an infection is discovered in the tooth that is beneath the crown, a root canal may be necessary.  This procedure will require the crown to be removed.  There are times when a dentist is able to drill an access hole in the crown and perform the root canal.  This is done without removing and replacing the crown.  It is a complex process but can help save money.  Often times crowns can not be reused after removal. 

When a patient experiences tooth crown pain, it needs to be addressed and identified as soon as possible. #martindental This type of pain rarely goes away without treatment.  If the steps you are taking at home do not provide immediate relief, make an urgent appointment with your dentist right away for a professional opinion.  If you need a Root Canal in San Tan Valley, AZ give us a call today!

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