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Dental Implant cost and procedure are what most people are curious about.  This is a big procedure which involves several steps that need to be taken.  One of the very first steps is finding the right dentist.  Not all dentists have the same training and use the latest techniques.  Dental implant technology is always changing. #smilewithconfidence

Once you have chosen a specialist, an examination will be in order.  Diagnostic tests will need to be given to assess what needs to be done before placing the implant.  It all depends on how much tooth loss there is, how long the teeth have been missing, and which jaw (upper or lower).  All this will determine what tests are required.  The tests may include:

  1.  Full mouth x-rays, computer tomography or CT scan  #martindental
  2.  Removal of failing teeth
  3.  Bone grafts or sinus lifts
  4.  Temporary teeth replacements or prosthetics

A single implant can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.  The cost can increase if multiple teeth are involved or other surgical procedures are needed.  This cost does not include any final restoration crowns, bridges or dentures. San Tan Valley Dental Implants AZ

Dental implants are an excellent choice for missing teeth.  They also can serve as an anchor for partial and full dentures that become loose or ill-fitting.  Implants allow you to restore your smile to its natural and fully functional state. 

Implants aren’t for everyone.  It’s always a good thing to seek several opinions, but more and more adults are deciding on this procedure to restore their mouths to healthy, confident smiles! San Tan Valley Dental Implants AZ

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